Mansion of the Doomed (1976)
Genre: Horror | Thriller
Country: USA | Director: Michael Pataki
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 86mn
Bdrip H264 Mkv – 1920×1040 – 23.976fps – 3.22gb

An insane surgeon finds himself up to his armpits in eyeballs after guilt prompts him to begin removing the eyes of abducted people in hopes of performing transplants on his daughter who lost her own in a car-accident he caused. This gruesome Charles Band production has real-life footage of actual eye surgery and some gross makeup effects (supplied by Stan Winston). The cinematography by Andrew Davis is pretty good and the film is as dark and creepy as they come. The suffering of the eyeless victims stored in the basement is truly disturbing and effective. Give it a look,if you are not easily disturbed.


Mansion of the Doomed (1976)