Professor Lust (1967)
Genre: Sci-Fi | Softcore
Country: USA | Director: William Rose
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 66mn
Vhsrip Xvid Avi – 640×480 – 29.970fps – 636mb

A sex-crazed Jekyll & Hyde riff wherein an elderly professor uses a mysterious chemical to turn himself into a swinger.

In this imaginatively bizarre sexploitation version of Jekyll and Hyde (or, more accurately, The Nutty Professor), a doddering old college chemistry professor (whose name is pronounced “Professor Loost”) transforms himself into a suave, arrogant, and marvelously amoral swinger, all by sniffing a magic potion. No, it’s not white powder. It’s some sort of chemical, whose vapors are inhaled, which he keeps in the head of a silver cane he occasionally sniffs from.

Though kindly Professor Lust teaches “chemo-psychotherapy” to “the fertile minds of the young,” nosey Miss Zimmerman, a fellow teacher who’s appalled at the world’s sexual permissiveness, thinks there’s something wrong with the old boy and, after his last class, secretly follows him home to his country estate. There, she watches as the Professor sniffs from his cane inhaler, changes into the lustful Dr. L, and gives his thumb-sucking junkie assistant a fix. Down in the cellar, the Professor offers a buxom bevy of personal hookers a hundred bucks if one of them will make love to Mr. X – a man with a disfigured booga-booga monster face. Since there are no takers, he gives hallucinogenic gas to Miss Adams who quickly gets nekkid and seduces the monster man.

The Professor also shares his chemicals. He gives a wealthy pervert (with a Peter Lorre voice) a chance to go to an orgy at “the palace of Versailles” where, Cinderella-like, the chemical wears off at midnight, the girl of his dreams turns into a skull, and he awakens in a cemetery!

And when Lust is not tending to clients, he makes his own sex films, barking commands and laughing manically as his sex-starved beauties get it on with guys in monster masks!

So it’s somehow only fitting when the Professor kidnaps Miss Zimmerman and turns her into one of his mind-zonked sex slaves. And she loves it! In fact, Lust sets her up with “the most obnoxious client in our distinguished roster of monstrosities!” Next morning, Miss Z wakes up all bruised, figures things out, and decides to turn the tables on her distinguished colleague….

Something Weird has been trying to find Professor Lust for the past twenty years and finally located a handful of 35mm reels – approximately 66 minutes worth. But while the film is incomplete, mostly in the beginning, it won’t disappoint. Director/cinematographer WERNER ROSE, whose enthusiastic photography is half the fun here, also shot Olga’s House of Shame and Chained Girls, and directed The Smut Peddler, Rent-a-Girl, and “Pamela, Pamela you are…”, the latter two under the less Teutonic moniker William L. Rose. Aiding and abetting Rose in this madness is a wonderfully theatrical performance by LARRY SWENSON as the Professor, who’s obviously having a good time being bad. Don’t we all? — Dr. Sex


Professor Lust (1967)