The Candy Snatchers (1973)
Genre: Crime | Horror | Thriller
Country: USA | Director: Guerdon Trueblood
Language: English | Subtitles: English (Optional, embedded in mkv file)
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 94mn
Bdrip H264 Mkv – 1280×720 – 23.976fps – 1.95gb

Audio 2: Commentary by Film historian Nathaniel Thompson

16-year-old Candy Phillips is brutally abducted by a trio of amateur criminals hoping for a hasty ransom exchange. Burying their innocent captive alive in the hills of Southern California with only a small tube for air, the threesome – sultry blond Jessi, her sadistic brother Alan and maladjusted Army vet Eddy – suspect things aren’t as they appear when Candy’s father doesn’t show at their agreed rendezvous. Growing anxious as paranoia sets in’ the kidnappers fear their meticulous plan is crumbling and begin a downward spiral into depravity, mutilation and cold-blooded murder – with Candy helplessly trapped in the middle.

THE CANDY SNATCHERS is among the proudest components to the druthers of 70s drive-in cinema, a smart, slick production that’s well mechanized and laden with dodgy allure…a highly original exploitation mini-masterpiece, and a classic of its kind.

With a turbo-thrust pace, this nail-biter of a kidnapping/ransom story is steeped in noir, and presents three appallingly churlish amateur criminals intent on purloining a generous haul of diamonds from the shady stepfather of kidnapped young Candy(an appealing pubescent girlie who spends the entire film in various stages of bondage wearing a Catholic schoolgirl uniform). Plans run afoul, however, as the plot twists and shifts like a roller-coaster flying hot off its rails. A mute little boy is a key sideline character whose odd presence seems entirely superfluous until the unforgettable, head-smacking climax. You do NOT want to miss this one.


The Candy Snatchers (1973)