Axe (1974)
aka Lisa, Lisa
Genre: Horror | Thriller
Country: USA | Director: Frederick R. Friedel
Language: English | Subtitles: English (.srt file)
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 68mn
Bdrip H264 Mp4 – 1920×1080 – 23.976fps – 1.30gb

A group of three criminals on the run from the law, go about terrorizing the local townsfolk of a small community, before descending on an isolated farm which is home to a young girl named Lisa and her paralyzed grandfather. After being sexually assaulted by two of the gangsters, she retaliates using an axe and a razor blade.

A gang of three psychopaths on the run end up in a small farmhouse owned by Lisa (Leslie Lee) and her Grandfather (Douglas Powers). Grandpa is paralyzed, but Lisa’s not-and she’s not exactly mentally stable either.

Producer Harry Novak (“The Child”, “Rituals”, “Hitch-Hike To Hell” and several soft core movies) and Writer/Director Fredrick (“Date With a Kidnapper”)R. Friedel present “Axe”, a surprisingly good no budget Grindhouse flick. While the low budget is a bit too apparent at times (a few performances are uneven, the blood is incredibly fake), this movie actually works thanks to it’s low budget, which adds a sense of realism to the proceedings. Leslie Lee is quite effective as Lisa, exuding a sense of silent, feminine menace with her simple performance. Also, the score by George Newman Shaw and John Willhelm is an effective blend of organ, piano, percussion, and bongos. It’s definitely 70’s but it’s still great.

“Axe” went through several different titles, including “California Axe Massacre”, which is interesting considering that the movie owes more to “Last House on the Left” than “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” It also found itself on Britain’s “Video Nasties” list, though its really not very graphic. What it is though, is a nice little Exploitation movie that, while not really a classic, deserves more attention.


Axe (1974)