Black Samson (1974)
Genre: Action | Drama | Blaxploitation
Country: USA | Director: Charles Bail
Language: English | Subtitles: English & French
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Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 88mn
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Noble nightclub owner Samson (a solid and engaging performance by Rockne Tarkington) does his best to keep his neighborhood free of crime and drugs. When vicious mobster Johnny Nappa (veteran B-movie tough guy William Smith in fine slimy form) tries to muscle in on Samson’s territory, Samson refuses to give in to Nappa’s demands and takes a brave stand against Nappa and his flunkies.

Director Chuck Bail, working from a simple and effective script by Warren Hamilton, Jr., relates the story at a snappy pace, stages the thrilling action set pieces with considerable flair, and sprinkles in a nice smattering of hot topless chicks for good measure.

Tarkington’s strong and dignified presence really works as Samson, whose sense of protective responsibility for his people and community makes him a likable and appealing hero. The supporting cast is likewise excellent, with praiseworthy contributions by Carol Speed as Samson’s sweet, concerned main squeeze Tina, Connie Strickland as Nappa’s sexy girlfriend Leslie, Michael Payne as low-rent dope pusher Arthur, Vitos Vandis as wise old capo Joseph Nappa, Napolean Whiting as amiable organ player Old Henry, and John Alderman as wormy corrupt lawyer Michael Briggs.

Allen Toussaint’s groovy score hits the right-on soulful spot (the theme song in particular is quite funky). The conclusion is both rousing and uplifting. A fun flick.

Black Samson (1974)