Frankenstein 80 (1972)
Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi
Country: Italy | Director: Mario Mancini
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.66:1 | Length: 85mn
Vhsrip H264 Mkv – 898×576 – 23.976fps – 869mb

A mad scientist creates a monster called “Mosaico,” who breaks out of the laboratory to hunt down and kill beautiful women.

Italian horror film has a nice scientist creating a formula that will allow organs to have a better rate at living in a new body but the evil Dr. Frankenstein steals it so that he can create a human who turns out to be a sexual predator who goes on a killing rampage. If you like goofy, gory and sex filled Italian horror films then you’ll probably enjoy this one for some mindless entertainment. The monster has a thing for beautiful women so this leads to several nudity filled scenes with the monster attacking women both sexually and physically. The film drags in certain areas and goes on a bit too long but overall exploitation freaks should enjoy it.


Frankenstein 80 (1972)