New links start with, don’t worry it’s not a new site, just an alternative domain name to allow users from UK to access nitroflare.

You can login to both and with the same user/password, it will lead you to the same site, same account, same links.

All links can be opened with or For example:

Original link:

Same link but I replaced with


Official message from Nitroflare:

“Following illegal blocks of our domain; in some countries, we have decided to add s shorted domain address that will allow access to our site:


All the files you will upload to Nitroflare starting today will receive a link with a shorted URL.
The files with the regular address will remain active, but new uploads will appear in shorted addresses only.

Your login credentials to the shorted domain are the same as for the regular address.

If you have further questions or require help, please contact our support at site and will gladly assist.

Good luck.”