Passion Holiday (1963)
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Nudie
Country: USA | Director: Wynn Mavis
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 77mn
Dvdrip H264 Mp4 – 700×516 – 29.970fps – 1.26gb

Disneyland? Six Flags? The Grand Canyon? Nah… Next time you need a vacation, do what these dolls do and try a Passion Holiday.

Anne (LINDA HALL), a delectable piece of white trash, is sick of living in a hillbilly shack with her elderly ma and her drunken stepfather who throws booze in her face. (She’s also fond of playing her big dramatic scenes with her tits exposed.) When she inherits some money, she leaves to find a hubby somewhere in Miami Beach…

Betty (STELLA PALMA), a “blonde tornado,” quits her job as a secretary when “her sex crazed boss tries to mix business with pleasure” and heads on down to, yup, Miami Beach…

Cathy (CHRISTY FOUSHEE), “an alluring night club singer” wants to get away from her possessive boyfriend by taking an impromptu vacation in, you guessed it, Miami Beach…

And Dixie (YANKA MANN), a waitress at a greasy spoon (“Beer, Bait & Food!”), is given a package of money to hold by Joe, a truck driver who’s immediately shot by Rick and Louie, two dumb mobsters. Dixie uses the cash to hightail it to, all together now, Miami Beach…

Anne, Betty, and Cathy just happen to meet on the very same plane flight and, in fact, all stay in the very same room (!!!) of the Barcelona Hotel where they each order a Tom Collins and, to properly enjoy it, get topless. And when Betty bumps into Dixie in the hall, Dixie joins them down at the pool where they’re immediately approached by four grinning stud wanna-be’s.

That evening, the studs take the gals to the Pigalle strip club where WYNONA dances with giant feathers on her ass, the “Body Beautiful” HABIBI does a belly dance, and KISMET struts around the stage with huge blonde hair.

Then they all take a boat to an isolated island where the girls get naked and skinny dip and smile and pose and are just so happy to air their breasts in the bright Florida sunshine. But – oh no! – those mobsters from the diner inexplicably show up in a rowboat and – double oh no! – the broads around the island…

A shot in Florida regional rarity and another of those odd hybrids of nudie-cutie and sexploitation that evolved as the American sex film rampaged its way through the very strange sixties.


Passion Holiday (1963)