The Girl and the Geek (1964)
aka Passion of the Sun
Genre: Thriller | Nudie
Country: USA | Director: Dale Berry
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 69mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv – 768×576 – 29.970fps – 995mb

A stripper on a flight to Las Vegas has a stopover in a small Texas airport. She gets taken hostage by two Cuban gangsters on the run from the cops, witnesses one thug kill the other and is chased across the desert by the killer, stopping only for some skinny-dipping.

There are so many unintentionally great moments in THE GIRL & THE GEEK that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Is it the length of time we see Josette running around naked but always has that suitcase in front of her crotch? Or maybe it’s the scene when the Sans Souci owner gets the news about Josette’s kidnapping (who called him?) and the “shocked” expressions of the strippers (one woman seems to have an orgasm)? Or when one of the naked Sans Souci women walks backwards as to avoid showing any frontal nudity? Or when the geek is on the truck and pops his head in the window, with Josette trying to keep a straight face? Or when the geek kills the ugly woman? Or the whole moment on the mini roller coaster? Or Josette’s dance moves with her hands at the conclusion? It’s difficult to choose. In the end, THE GIRL & THE GEEK looks like a wacky Road Runner cartoon with nudity.


The Girl and the Geek (1964)