The Kiss Off (1968)
Genre: Crime | Drama | Roughie | Erotic
Country: USA | Director: D.E. Jones
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 120mn
(1 hour + 1 hour of nudie shorts)
Dvdrip H264 Mp4 – 704×528 – 29.970fps – 2.10gb

Debasement and debauchery abound in La-La-Land!

John, a sweaty pervert, makes obscene phone calls claiming to have “a big present” for the horny gals on the other end of the line. Surprisingly, he hits the jackpot when a silicone-injected bimbo is not only thrilled to get his call, but gets herself off with the telephone receiver! Eventually, John goes from making obscene calls to actually stalking and picking up a girl at random whom he drives to a dead-end street and viciously assaults.

Meanwhile, Sam Schwartz (GARY KENT of Girls From Thunder Strip and Sinthia, The Devil’s Doll), a private dick, is in the throes of passion with his girlfriend Terri when he gets a call from a smut peddler who hires him to find his wayward wife Micki. (Sam’s also informed that Miss Micki has an insatiable appetite for chicks and gang bangs!) But, before Sam goes on assignment, he first watches Terri go-go dance at a bar, then clobbers the cretins who ogle her.

It appears that Micki has found her niche at a whorehouse, with two other skeezy hookers and John the pervert of all people. There she is able to pursue her depraved desires and take whatever action comes her way. (For instance, she watches stag films with a chubby creep who then asks that they recreate what they just saw.) Still bored and horny, John drowns a pretty blonde hooker in a bathtub, then suggests that Micki accompany him to the nearest go-go bar where they check out Terri’s dancing. Impressed with her moves, the depraved duo follow Terri home… where they promptly torture the girl at knifepoint, and use a giant dildo on her.

Completely unaware of what’s happening, Sam is on the make with a flat-chested floozy in the back of her car. After getting his rocks off, he comes home to the sordid scene and takes justice into his own hands. What a guy.

The Kiss-Off was shot in Los Angeles and stars some of the cast of One Million AC/DC.

The Kiss Off (1968)