The Lustful Turk (1968)
Genre: Drama | Erotic
Country: USA | Director: Byron Mabe
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 75mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv – 768×576 – 29.970fps – 914mb

Two English women and their female servant are kidnapped by pirates and sold to an Arab sheik. However, they all fall for the captain of the pirate ship that captured them.

You really have to give DAVID F. FRIEDMAN credit. Compared to other nudies, his carnal costume epics stand out like a virgin at a sex club. In 1968, The Lustful Turk was the most expensive adult feature film ever made.

Hang on to your turbans! Despite the title, this isn’t about New York cabdrivers. The Lustful Turk is a wild and wooly depiction of life in an 18th century harem. It’s the kinky adventures of Emily (ABBE RENTZ), a blue-blooded English lass. She sets sail for India with her comely handmaiden, Eliza (HEIDI KRANE). While at sea, they are girlnapped by knuckle-dragging Algerian pirates.

Virginal Emily winds up “the polluted concubine of a circumcised Turk.”(!) The raghead’s name is Ali, Bey of Algiers (TOM ALTO) who “reduces her chastity to a bleeding ruin.” Emily (who resembles Malibu Barbie) fights off the bug-eyed camel-jockey, but eventually falls under his spell. The Turk explains his unique views on “The Mysteries of Love” (talking directly to the camera like on The Real World). Emily’s passions are awakened and she becomes addicted to Ali’s go-go juice.

Meanwhile, poor Eliza is given away by Ali to his buddy Muzra, Bey of Tunis (FORMAN SHANE). Unlike Emily, she wants no part of her craggy-faced captor. In punishment, she is dragged screaming to “The Experiment Room” by a trio of eunuchs in silver diapers. She’s stripped naked, chained up, and flogged by Forman. When his arm gets tired, he samples her “gaping gates of pleasure.”

Eliza is eventually reunited with Emily when Muzra sends her back to Ali, who also kidnaps Emily’s cousin Sylvia (don’t ask), and all three harem harlots play tug-of-war with the Turk’s drumstick. Their sheet-surfing is rudely interrupted however…

“Vengeance is mine!” shrieks a Greek slave girl clutching a dagger as Ali stumbles around looking like Lon Chaney Jr. in Man Made Monster. “Now I am one of you,” he sobs to the eunuchs. “Get me to a surgeon!” Ali survives but his days as a lover are null and void. He sets the women free and, as a going away present, he gives Emily what’s left of Mr. Knish floating in a glass jar. “There’s a man with class!” gushes Eliza…

Good Lord. Another stunning achievement in crotch-hopping entertainment sinfully served up from the imagination of David F. Friedman.


The Lustful Turk (1968)