The Wives of Others (1978)
aka Les Femmes des Autres 
aka La Grande Levrette
Genre: Adult | Drama
Country: France | Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert (as Burd Tranbaree)
Language: English or French (2 separate audio tracks) | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.66:1 | Length: 60mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv – 1024×672 – 25fps – 1.25gb

Another film about a couple who discover that swinging with other couples can make their own sex life much more exciting.

André Miller comes home from work looking forward to watching the football finals, and discovers that the TV isn’t working. So his wife, Danièle David, goes to ask the neighbors in the apartment next to theirs if he can watch the finals on their TV. She interrupts the neighbors, Jean Gerard and Karine Gambier, as he’s working in the kitchen nude while she’s giving him head. Karine suggests that they come and join them for dinner while Andre watches the finals.

As Andre sits in front of the TV eating, the other three are at the dinner table, and Jean and Karine put the moves on Danièle. They confess to being swingers. At first, Danièle is taken aback and seems reluctant, but gradually she gives in to their seduction. (We get the feeling that her sex life with André is not all that exciting.)

Karine joins André in front of the TV and as he’s absorbed in watching the game, she caresses his crotch, unzips his pants and goes down on him. He looks over at his wife at the dinner table and see’s that she’s making out with Jean. Before long the TV is turned off and they are having a hot foursome.

The next morning, Danièle is having a bath when the doorbell rings. She comes to answer the door in her robe, and it’s two TV repairmen, Dominique Aveline and Guy Royer. As they begin working on the TV, she goes back to her bath. When the TV is fixed, the two go to spy on her in the bath. She catches them spying, and they pull her screaming out of the tub and dry her off. Then they bring her into the bedroom and have their way with her. At first she resists, but soon she is fully cooperating, even submitting to a double penetration (a real one).

ominique and Guy deliver one of the best lines in the film, when Danièle pulls a cock out of her mouth and asks, “By the way, did you fix the TV?” Guy says, “What do you think? We’re true professionals.” Dominique adds, “That’s why we came here in the first place: our cocks. It’s on the house. Now go ahead, suck!”

Next, a brief scene of the two couples on an outing in the woods, dressed for chilly weather. Again they switch partners, and manage to have some oral sex leaning against the trees.

Danièle visits Karine. They have a g/g in Karine’s “junk room”.

Jean and Karine host a dinner party with their neighbors plus another couple, Alexandra Sand and Cyril Val. Danièle slips away into a back room and finds one of Karine’s dildos. Jean catches her, throws her onto the bed and gives her a good bonking. A nude Cyril Val gets into the Lotus (legs crossed and locked) and does a handstand, his legs still locked in the Lotus. Karine kneels in front of him and gives him head as he remains in the handstand. In the final scene, all six are going at it in the living room in a full scale orgy.


The Wives of Others (1978)