The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried (1971)
aka Siegfried und das sagenhafte Liebesleben der Nibelungen
Genre: Comedy | Erotic | Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Country: USA | West Germany | Director: Adrian Hoven & David F. Friedman
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 88mn
Vhsrip H264 Mkv – 720×540 – 25fps – 1.42gb

An “adults only” retelling of the legend of Siegfried.

In days of yore, Siegfried (LANCE BOYLE), a bold and handsome young knight with magical powers, battles villains and fire breathing dragons, all for king, country, and the love of a fair maiden.

Siegfried and his faithful manservant, Hansel, arrive at the castle of King Gunther of Burgundy. The hero’s reputation has preceeded him, so Siegfried is given the royal treatment. And when the legendary visitor is introduced to Gunther’s sister Kriemhild (played by a young and lovely SYBIL DANNING) he sets his sights on having the beautiful Nordic princess.

After some obligatory battling with the Danes and Saxons, Siegfried is free to pursue Kriemhild, who has been keeping busy with her lovely maidservant. He asks the king for her hand in marriage, and Gunther agrees, if Siegfried will help him win the love of Brunhild, the formidable Queen of Iceland. The two men journey to Iceland where Brunhild and her icy Amazon hordes await them. When Gunther propositions the Queen, she puts him to a test – to see how well and how long can he sexually service her! Unfortunately, the King is limited in that department, so it’s up to Siegfried to make himself invisible, and in the dark, substitute for his less-then-virile friend.

Impressed, Brunhild agrees to marry Gunther and there’s a double wedding. Kriemhild is blissfully happy, but all is not well as Brunhild learns that it was actually Siegfried who rocked her world. Seething with rage and jealousy, Brunhild tortures Kriemhild’s maid to learn the secret of Siegfried’s only weakness…

Filmed on location in Germany, Austria (and Hollywood), The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried is a bawdy tale of jousting, jubilation and jugs from the Knight of Naughtiness, DAVID F. FRIEDMAN.

The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried (1971)