Her Odd Tastes (1969)
Genre: Softcore | Comedy | Drama | Romance
Country: USA | Director: Donald A. Davis
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 72mn
HDWebrip H264 Mkv – 960×720 – 23.976fps – 1.34gb

A woman’s job as a sex researcher takes her all over the world and gets her into some difficult situations.

What?! Will someone tell me what the hell is so odd about MARSHA JORDAN’S odd tastes? Because she has incestuous lesbian sex with her own sister, another hefty blonde sexpot? What the hell is so odd about that? Because she takes a job selling vibrators door-to-door at night? What the hell is so odd about that? Because she winds up on a couch with a sadistic kook who wants to cut her tits with a knife for sexual gratification? Where’s the odd? What?! Show me, goddammit!

Marsha, one of our fave sex movie actresses of all time (be it in feature films or big bust loops), winds up running away from the blade sticker but only after he’s fallen and can’t get up — mainly because the knife he tried to cut Marsha’s chest with has found its way into his own slimy heart.

Flagging a passing motorist (while clad only in a bathrobe), she’s rescued by a guy who turns out to be a publisher. After hearing her tale of horror, he immediately gets the idea to send her on a global jaunt to do research on a book about sexual pain and pleasure. By the way, all of the above takes place in the first ten minutes so we still have a long, odd way to go…

In Hong Kong, Marsha meets a Dragon Lady who gives her the of ever-loving Susie Wong treatment — plenty nude body rubbing on fur coverings. Then she heads for South Africa where STEVE VINCENT (Thar She Blows) invites her to “a gathering” where Marsha’s given a bubbling potion, placed on an altar, and plowed by a bunch of satanists.

Suffering from fever, she wanders through the jungle and into the camp “of the only white man in the area,” making it with his shy, sensitive, stuttering son who doesn’t think “guns should be pointed at living things,” but shoots daddy when dad tries to rape her. After a lube job with a sheik and his slave girl, it all ends with a hilariously macabre sex scene on a sinister recliner that belches smoke, sparks, and electric shocks…

From the vaults of HARRY NOVAK, Her Odd Tastes is another sex crazed collaboration between Miss Jordan and director DON DAVIS that, God help us, is actually a sequel to (take a wild guess) the previous year’s Odd Tastes. This is what they jagged off to in the movie houses 30 odd years ago. Now we yank it to chicks like Marylin Star, Busty Brittany, and Minka giving head to sleazy creeps who don’t deserve it. It’s called progress.


Her Odd Tastes (1969)